SDPfox - the fast tool for the prediction of functional specificity groups and amino acid residues that determine the specificity using MPA

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SDPfox provides a novel phylogeny-independent method for prediction of specificity-determining positions (SDPs) and grouping sequences into functional sub-groups. You may use the form below to conduct a training set-driven analysis (i.e. predict protein specificity based on a set of known specificities) or download a JAR package that allows for ab initio specificity prediction.

Paste your alignment into the form below (fasta and gde formats, see example):

Or load it from file:

Select the maximum allowed percent of gaps in a group in each column:

To get help, run java -jar SDPfox.jar.
When using. please cite: Mazin PV et al. "An Automated Stochastic Approach to the Identification of the Protein Specificity Determinants and Functional Subfamilies" (2010)