SDPsite: prediction of protein active and specific recognition sites from sequence and structure

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This family contains a protein with resolved 3D structure: Y3463_PSEAE/1-69, pdb ID: 1y0n. SDPsite predicts following important positions (numbering corresponds to 1y0n):

  • SDPs:

    18E, 19D, 54F, 40R, 38V

  • CPs:

    4P, 20F, 25G, 27D, 29G

  • Best cluster:

    18E, 19D, 20F

  • Second best cluster:

    38V, 40R

  • Mapping predictions onto structure of 1y0n:

  • Associated grouping:

    • Group 1

      • Y1156_PASMU/1-70
      • YHEU_SHIFL/1-70
      • Y179_YERPE/1-70
    • Group 2

      • Y1320_VIBVU/1-70
      • Y2791_VIBPA/1-70
      • Y2612_VIBCH/1-69