SDPsite: prediction of protein active and specific recognition sites from sequence and structure

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This family contains a protein with resolved 3D structure: Q8YFD6_BRUME/9-333, pdb ID: 1tm0. SDPsite predicts following important positions (numbering corresponds to 1tm0):

  • SDPs:

    96C, 109M, 90S, 93N, 80I, 134G, 18V, 87P, 205A, 178D, 14A, 92S, 131C, 59V, 248A, 15E, 78F, 19G, 198G, 133N, 63V, 249K, 247P, 29P, 151L, 102L, 223F, 61R, 85D

  • CPs:

    13H, 55P, 254P, 327P, 16G, 25G, 57G, 91G, 105G, 123G, 161G, 166D, 170G, 171G, 251D, 256G, 270G, 285G, 288F, 310G, 326D

  • Best cluster:

    14A, 15E, 18V, 19G, 61R, 63V, 78F, 80I, 87P, 90S, 91G, 92S, 93N, 96C

  • Second best cluster:

    133N, 134G

  • Mapping predictions onto structure of 1tm0:

  • Associated grouping:

    • Group 1

      • Q8UIA0_AGRT5/9-333
      • Q8PKE4_XANAC/9-335
      • Q988B5_RHILO/9-333
      • Q8U6X2_AGRT5/9-334
      • Q8YFD6_BRUME/9-333
      • Q9I489_PSEAE/9-334
    • Group 2

      • Q8U8Y5_AGRT5/7-330
      • Q9I476_PSEAE/6-313
      • Q8P833_XANCP/6-311
      • Q8YJ29_BRUME/8-331
      • Q92WS1_RHIME/8-331