SDPsite: prediction of protein active and specific recognition sites from sequence and structure

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This family contains a protein with resolved 3D structure: YCEI_ECOLI/22-190, pdb ID: 1y0g. SDPsite predicts following important positions (numbering corresponds to 1y0g):

  • SDPs:

    87R, 171D, 71V, 45Y, 122T, 38F, 185V, 162K, 25Y, 156E, 175A, 22A, 184S, 92R, 158E, 161I, 138A, 139K, 145D, 170T, 123G, 37N, 96F, 119L, 165D, 106T, 24D, 125L, 144G, 77T, 136L, 182I, 120D, 86E, 183I, 135T, 168I, 107F, 46S, 27I, 94A

  • CPs:

    52F, 103P, 166F, 38F, 129G, 25Y, 42H, 88D, 107F, 167N, 102Y, 125L, 123G, 75I, 97L, 179V

  • Best cluster:

    37N, 38F, 52F, 71V, 75I, 106T, 107F, 119L, 120D, 122T, 123G, 125L, 135T, 136L, 138A, 139K, 156E, 158E, 161I, 162K, 165D, 166F, 167N, 168I, 179V, 182I, 183I, 184S, 185V

  • Second best cluster:

    77T, 86E, 87R, 88D, 92R, 96F, 97L, 102Y, 103P

  • Mapping predictions onto structure of 1y0g:

  • Associated grouping:

    • Group 1

      • O25873_HELPY/17-182
      • Q9PI85_CAMJE/21-190
      • O07742_MYCTU/32-202
      • Q9PDQ0_XYLFA/23-192
      • Q9A314_CAUCR/41-213
      • Q9A555_CAUCR/45-222
      • Q9XBR4_ZYMMO/35-203
      • Q9A6H5_CAUCR/25-192
      • Q9PCE1_XYLFA/61-229
      • Q9JU78_NEIMA/19-187
      • Q9PEE2_XYLFA/22-186
      • Q98CQ6_RHILO/29-191
    • Group 2

      • Y3339_VIBCH/22-189
      • Y423_PSEAE/23-191
      • YCEI_ECOLI/22-190
      • Q9A315_CAUCR/264-427
      • Q9PDQ2_XYLFA/27-189
      • Q9F3E5_STRCO/42-215
      • Q99QV4_STAAM/1-170
      • Q9ADM8_STRCO/94-267
      • Q9RDM0_STRCO/120-292
      • Q9FC79_STRCO/19-192
      • O86515_STRCO/11-184
      • Q97C92_THEVO/4-176
      • Q9HLU3_THEAC/4-177
      • Q97BT6_THEVO/5-171
      • Q9HIU7_THEAC/15-181
      • Q98IJ5_RHILO/39-212
      • Q9HW61_PSEAE/17-190
      • Q9HW56_PSEAE/18-191