SDPsite: prediction of protein active and specific recognition sites from sequence and structure

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This family contains a protein with resolved 3D structure: YGIW_ECOLI/2-127, pdb ID: 1nnx. SDPsite predicts following important positions (numbering corresponds to 1nnx):

  • SDPs:

    52K, 58T, 75Y, 85N, 45V, 49E, 71S

  • CPs:

    64G, 77F, 79D, 108G, 75Y, 56D, 82G, 73D, 2K, 40G

  • Best cluster:

    45V, 49E, 56D, 58T, 64G, 73D, 77F, 79D, 82G

  • Second best cluster:

    71S, 75Y, 85N

  • Mapping predictions onto structure of 1nnx:

  • Associated grouping:

    • Group 1

      • Q9CLP6_PASMU/2-123
      • YGIW_HAEIN/1-119
      • Q9KLL1_VIBCH/1-130
    • Group 2

      • YDEI_ECOLI/1-130
      • Q9XJM3_BP933/2-112
      • Q9EUH8_SALEN/1-107