SDPsite: prediction of protein active and specific recognition sites from sequence and structure

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This family contains a protein with resolved 3D structure: Y1187_METJA/8-294, pdb ID: 1t5j. SDPsite predicts following important positions (numbering corresponds to 1t5j):

  • SDPs:

    121S, 132G, 228P, 23M, 223T, 171S, 153T, 218G, 48N, 122C, 169F, 159A, 227V, 140K, 248I, 241K, 250A, 230A, 240F, 17I, 134V, 201L, 145E, 280D, 150S, 118D, 77G, 235L, 269Y, 165A, 108-, 264M, 36L, 186C, 29T, 178K, 281G, 195E, 195E, 221V, 79D, 237T, 149A, 293E, 112N, 87L, 74-, 64E, 158T, 157K, 103L, 126M, 108K, 170V, 24P, 199K, 232A, 49Y, 58E, 229S, 222K, 97D, 81K, 120S, 291L

  • CPs:

    154H, 278W, 22G, 251G, 61D, 253D, 255D, 266G, 62D, 153T, 18G, 262G, 123G, 63T, 19D, 14G, 126M

  • Best cluster:

    171S, 186C, 195E, 228P, 23M, 248I, 48N, 49Y, 61D, 62D, 63T, 120S, 121S, 122C, 123G, 126M, 221V, 222K, 223T, 227V, 228P, 229S, 230A, 248I, 250A, 251G, 253D, 255D

  • Second best cluster:

    140K, 132G, 149A, 150S, 153T, 154H, 157K, 158T, 159A, 165A, 169F, 170V, 171S, 178K, 186C, 201L, 232A, 235L, 237T, 240F, 241K, 262G, 264M, 266G, 269Y

  • Mapping predictions onto structure of 1t5j:

  • Associated grouping:

    • Group 1

      • Y1724_ARCFU/7-293
      • Y1187_METJA/8-294
      • Q98JW8_RHILO/10-327
      • YEGU_ECOLI/6-323
      • Q9RLU1_LISMO/5-318
    • Group 2

      • Q9KZZ1_STRCO/21-343
      • Q9S2Y5_STRCO/18-359
      • Q9S2Y4_STRCO/107-438
      • Q9S2Y7_STRCO/23-319
    • Group 3

      • Q9BY47_HUMAN/21-354
      • Q9RT11_DEIRA/8-320
      • Q9RI89_STRCO/7-297
      • Q97M60_CLOAB/17-324
      • Q9X9I0_YEREN/9-399
      • CRJ1A_TRICY/10-314
      • Q52691_RHOCA/8-281
      • Q43904_AZOBR/10-283
      • DRAG_RHORU/10-283