SDPsite: prediction of protein active and specific recognition sites from sequence and structure

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This family contains a protein with resolved 3D structure: Q9S7A9_ARATH/53-131, pdb ID: 1ul4. SDPsite predicts following important positions (numbering corresponds to 1ul4):

  • SDPs:

    80A, 58R, 103D, 131E, 109E, 91N, 128S, 70H, 66A, 64K, 72R

  • CPs:

    54C, 59C, 76C, 95C, 98C, 114C, 73H, 102H

  • Best cluster:

    70H, 72R, 73H, 76C, 80A, 95C, 98C, 102H, 103D, 114C

  • Second best cluster:

    58R, 59C

  • Mapping predictions onto structure of 1ul4:

  • Associated grouping:

    • Group 1

      • Q9S7A2_ARATH/123-201
      • LG1_MAIZE/184-263
      • Q9SM19_MAIZE/210-286
      • Q9SMX7_ARATH/73-151
      • Q9ZW54_ARATH/174-252
      • Q9SMY0_ARATH/171-249
    • Group 2

      • SBP2_ANTMA/84-162
      • SBP1_ANTMA/51-127
      • P93015_ARATH/53-131
      • Q9S7A9_ARATH/53-131
      • Q9S758_ARATH/62-140