SDPsite: prediction of protein active and specific recognition sites from sequence and structure

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This family contains a protein with resolved 3D structure: O26109_METTH/5-258, pdb ID: 1k3r. SDPsite predicts following important positions (numbering corresponds to 1k3r):

  • SDPs:

    20D, 168L, 23I, 22K, 255S, 171R, 94H, 154E, 191R, 30L, 42R, 223G, 220P, 117G, 229-, 144V, 253T, 244V, 177S, 243T, 175A, 159E, 64M, 78M, 120V, 232W, 110T, 137N, 29V, 18T, 150E, 150E, 14L, 196I, 188A, 111V, 111V, 143R, 93P, 222K, 87L, 258N, 212E, 250V, 49D, 83H, 115K, 248E, 56F, 95H, 226E, 11P, 11P, 224L, 121D, 54A, 73K, 122I, 124A, 53E

  • CPs:

    67P, 63Y, 108G, 123G, 164G, 165Y, 69Y, 218G, 38F

  • Best cluster:

    67P, 69Y, 93P, 94H, 95H, 108G, 110T, 111V, 120V, 121D, 122I, 123G, 124A, 143R, 144V

  • Second best cluster:

    117G, 144V, 18T, 20D, 22K, 23I, 29V, 30L, 53E, 54A, 56F, 63Y, 64M, 87L, 218G, 220P, 222K, 223G, 224L, 243T, 244V, 248E, 250V

  • Mapping predictions onto structure of 1k3r:

  • Associated grouping:

    • Group 1

      • Q6NLH7_ARATH/99-388
      • YMP6_CAEEL/67-369
      • Q7SI54_NEUCR/48-343
      • Q8MSZ6_DROME/73-371
      • O13641_SCHPO/17-306
      • Q6NRR6_XENLA/72-362
      • Q6PGP9_HUMAN/80-371
      • Q6C565_YARLI/44-382
      • Q6BHG5_DEBHA/25-381
      • YG5X_YEAST/39-337
      • YM91_YEAST/19-314
      • Q751R3_ASHGO/60-408
      • Q6CLH1_KLULA/48-407
      • Q6FIJ5_CANGA/41-365
    • Group 2

      • Q7RF09_PLAYO/162-498
      • Q8ILD7_PLAF7/85-440
      • Q9UXA9_SULSO/26-261
      • Q975I0_SULTO/9-243
      • Q8TZ04_METKA/1-250
      • O28353_ARCFU/1-247
      • O26109_METTH/5-258
      • O59417_PYRHO/2-253
      • Q8ZT54_PYRAE/1-258
      • Q9YFM3_AERPE/25-285
      • Q9HPD5_HALN1/2-280