SDPsite: prediction of protein active and specific recognition sites from sequence and structure

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This family contains a protein with resolved 3D structure: RFAF_ECOLI/69-324, pdb ID: 1psw. SDPsite predicts following important positions (numbering corresponds to 1psw):

  • SDPs:

    203A, 131M, 221S, 220G, 174F, 228G, 186C, 113R, 88P, 90S, 256V, 86V, 135Y, 196R, 231I, 119D, 191F, 89N, 84A, 100A, 193P, 268N, 289P, 263K, 202Y, 194A, 312H, 171C, 103P, 102I, 255A, 120V, 123L, 129P, 218L, 190E, 309T, 110G, 324H, 219F, 96V, 264A, 260A, 238E, 139A, 139A, 182M, 306R, 136I, 169Y, 250T, 248G, 109R, 213G, 71K, 232L, 189A

  • CPs:

    197W, 274H, 107G, 269D, 195K, 271G, 82D, 292P, 287Y, 198P, 282P, 132V

  • Best cluster:

    186C, 189A, 190E, 191F, 193P, 194A, 195K, 196R, 197W, 198P, 202Y, 203A, 218L, 219F, 220G, 221S, 228G, 231I, 232L, 268N, 269D

  • Second best cluster:

    86V, 88P, 89N, 90S, 107G, 109R, 110G, 113R, 119D, 120V

  • Mapping predictions onto structure of 1psw:

  • Associated grouping:

    • Group 1

      • O25802_HELPY/77-325
      • O33490_RALSO/71-334
      • O05196_PSEAE/69-319
      • Q51004_NEIGO/54-301
      • Q48229_HAEIN/69-325
      • RFAF_ECOLI/69-324
    • Group 2

      • RFAQ_ECOLI/64-315
      • O07076_BORPE/69-319
      • O25056_HELPY/71-328
      • O05195_PSEAE/75-316
      • Q50937_NEIGO/75-318
      • Q45375_BORPE/77-329
      • Q51128_NEIME/75-318
      • Q51122_NEIME/75-318
      • RFAC_ECOLI/75-317
      • RFAC_SALTY/75-317